• Vienna, German – Austrian Orthopedist Congress:
    “The axis of rotation of the child’s foot while walking”
  • Cologne, European Foot and Ankle Society:
    “Vacuum sealing techniques in severe soft-tissue trauma of the foot and ankle”
  • Baden-Baden, Southern German Orthopaedic Congress:
    “The pathogenesis of Köhler II disease”
  • ESMAC Congress Heidelberg:
    “The development of foot progression angle in 400 children aged 4 to 16”
  • Baden-Baden, Southern German Orthopaedic Congress
    “Damages from overuse of the wrist joints in young, professional tennis players; Standard values of arch development in children and new ways of data collection.”
  • San Diego, ATP Doctor’s Conference “Functional impingement syndrome in the professional tennis player”
  • Basel, Children’s Orthopaedic Symposium:
    “Development of the foot arch in children and the axes of rotation of the lower extremities”
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  • Heidelberg, Children’s Orthopaedic Symposium:
    “Infantile torticollis”