Dr. med. Steffen Lösel

Born: 09/17/1968 in Salzburg, Austria (German Sitizenship)
High school diploma 1987

Higher Education

  • Furman University, Greenville S.C., USA, Natural Sciences (receiving a full athletic scholarship in tennis)
  • Universities of Freiburg in Brsg. and Heidelberg
  • Physikum: 1990
  • 1st Medical Exam at the University of Heidelberg: 1991 (grade: good)
  • 2nd Medical Exam at the University of Heidelberg: 1994 (grade: good)
  • 3rd an main Medical Exam at the University of Freiburg: 1995 (grade: very good/excellent)

Elective Internships

  • Orthopedic Surgery (Mayo Clinic Rochester Minn., Prof. Bernhard Morey, Harvard Med. School, Prof. Lyle Micheli, Prof. Thornhill, Prof. Kaser, alltogether 6 Month)
  • Clinical Radiology (Harvard Medical School, 2 Month)
  • Accident and Emergency Medicine (Essex General Hospital, GB, 1 Month)
  • Pediatrics (Private Practice in Freiburg, Germany, 2 Month)
  • Internal Medicine (University Hospital of Freiburg and Constance Hospital, 1 Month)

Practical Year

  • Orthopedic Surgery (University Hospital Basel, Switzerland)
  • General and Trauma Surgery / Accident and Emergency Medicine (University Hospital Basel, Switzerland)
  • Internal Medicine (University of Freiburg, Germany)


  • 1-year management, organization and researcher of the department or R & D of biomechanical studies at the Biomechanics Laboratories of Converse Corp., North Reading, Mass., USA and The children’s hospital, Boston, MA, USA
  • BG Trauma Hospital of Hamburg, Department of Trauma and Reconstructive Surgery Sports Clinic of Stuttgart treatment of severaly traumatized patients, burn victims and intensive treatment of patients with severe infections of the musculoskeletal system
  • Orthopedic training Hand shoulder elbow knee surgery arthroscopic and open procedures of all joints and replacement surgery, pediatric orthopedics, pain therapy, experienced in the treatment of conservative therapie of all joints using genetic procedures infections of the musculoskeletal system University Hospital of Heidelberg, supervising orthopedic surgeon at
  • Olympic Training Center, Heidelberg,
  • Focus on arthroscopic joint surgery, sports traumatology and pediatric orthopedics
  • Euromedklinik Fürth, leading senior physician
  • Founding and development of a private pactice, starting May 2003
  • For several years physician for the atp tournaments eurocard open and weisen hof tournaments, professional hockey team Helbron DEL 2., Handball World tournament and professional track anf fields events (world cup)

Conferral of Doctorate:

Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA, USA
“The axis of rotation of the child’s foot while walking and your influence through the arch as well as the axis position of the hindfoot”

Additional Qualifications

Specialist dor Sportsmedicine, Chirotherapy, Sonography of the pediatric hip, X-ray and MRI of the musculoskeletal system / Emergency diagnostics of thorax/abdomen

Further activities

Member of the American College of Sportsmedicine, AAOS, GOTS and AGA (More Informations)
As an adolescent and young adoult semiprofessional tennis player and skiracer (numerous Skiing Worldshampion of Physicians Dentists and Pharmasists). Diving Medicine / Diving Instructor.